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Repair Excel File Free 1.0

Repair Excel File Free will tell you if Recovery Toolbox can repair your file
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Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

Repair Excel File Free is a program that will let you know if Recovery Toolbox for Excel will be able to repair your Excel spreadsheets.
This program WILL NOT let you repair any corrupted Excel file, but will show you the information that you will be able to recover by buying and using the complete program.

Repair Excel File Free will let you analyze your corrupted Excel spreadsheet (any version until the 2007). The program is able to read files from any disk drive. After some moments it will display the content it has found in the corrupted file, and the number of records it has found. You cannot modify the spreadsheet, print it or save it. You will just see the information that the program has found in your file. The only thing you will be able to do with your corrupted file is to send it attached to an email message to the developers of the program, and you can write them to ask their help to recover your data from that spreadsheet. You can evaluate this program for as many times as you want.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It will let you know for free if you will be able to recover your file if you buy the program


  • When I tested the program, it could not read some data correctly
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